Hearts and Minds through DevOps - Making Meaningful Work

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DevOps engineers fly from job to job doing the same things - the systems differ, but the problems (technical and otherwise) remain the same. Eventually, we ask questions not about implementation or technology, but meaning: what am I doing all of this for?

In this talk, we'll cover how we provided a converged solution (Docker cluster, monitoring, alerting, and security) from 0 to 70% of the company in three months. We'll cover how we did it - the approaches, the workflows, and the rules - but more importantly, the why: to provide an environment where the things that we produce change whole organizations and make people's lives a little better.

But most of all, how it made us a little bit kinder.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

* Intro:
- What is DevOps?
- What is Docker clustering? Why is it important?

* Setting the scene:
- What did development and employee attrition look like?
- What is the topology of the company, and why does it matter?

* Different approaches:
- Using sales pipelines as a frame of approaching DevOps
- Clear systems of work
- The power of qualitative and quantitative metrics and how it relates to morale
- Grassroots work vs. Authority and prescriptiveness

* Why does it matter?

Learning Outcome

- Ways of approaching DevOps with a product lens

- Pathways of practice propagation in a complex, irregular organizational structure

- Clear engagement models and how to achieve them when you're a functional team.

Target Audience

Delivery Managers, Development Leads, DevOps

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