Trust through transparency - Radiating information to build trust

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Autonomous and empowered teams are a key building block of agile organisations but require a great deal of trust to work. Management and leadership must trust people and teams to do the right thing, and teams need to trust that management will support them when needed.

Transparency is a low-cost means of building trust. Transparency gained through the open sharing of information, particularly visual information, has played a large part in agile and lean thinking - from lean's visual controls, to XP's "big visible charts" and beyond.

We will explore how transparency, and the radiation of information, can build trust and cultures where "safe to fail" is more than a theoretical concept.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Mistrust in organisations - what's the problem?

2. How does transparency help build trust, and what is needed for it to succeed to do so?

3. Proven and real examples of transparency (reporting and information radiators)

4. Scaling transparency

Learning Outcome

Why trust and transparency are important and interrelated.

The audience will learn about some proven information radiators for agile teams and how these help build trust in organisations.

Target Audience

Anyone looking to improve the way they radiate information. This talk is not restricted to software or product development teams although this will be the primary focus used for examples.


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