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Agile Mindset is highly talked about and prized amongst agilists. Claims for its benefits range from 10x improvement, can’t be agile without it and requires organisational and cultural change to achieve.

Social psychology presnets a different view where mindset is a cognittive toolkit used to understand and taking action in a complex world. This defintion implies everyone posesses an agile mindset.

Is agile mindset a nirvana state which will enable you to levitate and be at peace with the world? Is it what is constraining everyone from achieving life, love and happiness. Or is it something more practical, humanistic and useful.

Looking through the lenses of behavioural and social psychology we will understand what mindset is, how it works and how you can become more aware of how yours and others mindset are operating within the agile domain.


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

1/. Overview of the research on mindset

2/. Build an applied model for a fucntioning mindset

3/. Examples an exercies on how the elements of mindset interplay

3/. How mindset, situation and behaviour inetract

4/. Tools for building awarenss of mindsets in action

Learning Outcome

1/. What is mindset from a social psychology perspective

2/.. How mindset and situation drive behaviour

3/. Tools to build in the moment awarness of mindset

Target Audience

Anyone with an interest in learning about how they and those around them work

Prerequisites for Attendees

Just be a relatively normal human.

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