location_city Melbourne schedule Jul 19th 03:30 - 04:15 PM AEDT place EN 205 (C40) people 30 Interested

The Agile version of Cards Against Humanity. You may have seen versions of this on the internet, but rest assured this version has been enhanced to yield a minimum of 156% more awesomeness. Relatively fresh from its stellar debut at the 2017 Xero Unconference!


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

  1. Introduction to the game
  2. Playing of the game
  3. Debrief

Learning Outcome

  • Learn a new game that can be used as an icebreaker, conversation starter, retros etc
  • Depending on your experience, you may learn new concepts and/or see different perspectives of familiar ones, as people discuss their reasons for making certain card combinations

Target Audience

Anyone interested in agile games

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