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It's never been easier to work and collaborate with people anywhere in the world. That's really important as ways of working evolve, because not all of the best talent is located in the one place.

In this session I'll share some insights into how our hybrid remote friendly way of working works at Envato as well as share some of the challenges we have had and lessons learnt.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Types of remote working and Envato's hybrid apporach.

Why flexible and remote working is good and why you should consider it.

How to get started and some tips to try.

Some of the challenges to consider with remote working and how to tackle them.

Learning Outcome

Ideas for to try for people who are planning to or are working remotely.

The tools and tech side of things is the easy part it's the cultural aspect and trust that makes remoting working work.

How to implement a remote friendly culture in an organization.

Target Audience

People keen to explore flexible or different ways of working and collaborating.

Prerequisites for Attendees

There are no prerequisites required to attend this session.

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