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Level up your retro's, team agreements, team forming, or any other session. Don't follow the pack - be the leader.

Something I've always done as an ATF is design my own team sessions - especially retro's - based around the teams needs. It wasn't until recently I realised this isn't what everyone does. I'm planning an interactive session where I can demonstrate and coach other's into designing more effective and engaging retro's etc.

(I realise you said 'no more retro stuff' in your submissions guideline - but hopefully this is more awesome and interesting than just talking about retros)

I've suggested Intermediate because I think it's better people have already facilitated retro's.


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

Introduction of how I design sessions and the process I go through (5ish minutes)

Ask for volunteers who would like to be coached into designing a session. (2-4 minutes)

Interactive design session with the volunteer (up to 15-20 minutes)

Q & A - 5 ish minutes.


Wrap up session with feedback and thoughts.

Learning Outcome

People to have fresh perspective on how to plan a session for better meeting outcomes.

Target Audience

Anyone who is stuck in the routine of following the books, or retromat, to the letter and feel there's better ways to plan sessions.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Have in mind a retro, team forming session, or similar they have upcoming to offer as an example.

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