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Leading software engineering teams is hard. There are hidden secrets to being successful in the role that aren't widely spoken about, but make a huge impact to the quality of our software products, and to customer satisfaction.

In this session we will explore these hidden secrets, discuss why they're important and what impact they can make in building awesome products. We will then identify within our own companies, what opportunities there are to put these secrets into action.


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

5 min: Introduction

30 min: Outline the hidden secrets, covering why they're important.

40 min: Break into groups to discuss experiences and identify opportunities for action.

10 min: Participants can then volunteer to share their thoughts and actions for change with the entire group.

5 min: Summary and close

Learning Outcome

Participants will gain:

  • Knowledge of the behaviours and skills that can be leveraged to successfully lead software teams.
  • Sharing and learning from the experiences of other participants.
  • The opportunity to encourage and coach other participants in their leadership challenges.
  • Practical actions that can be applied within their own teams and organisations to uplift their software engineering teams.

Target Audience

Leaders of software teams or people who are considering moving into leadership.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Ideally participants should have worked with software teams before to understand some of the challenges that they face.



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