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"Getting the job done" is a super fun agile game designed to simulate applying Scrum in an environment with various impediments (Just like the real world). There are various levels of impediments baked into this simulation, some are trivial and some are systemic impediments.

The goal is for the attendees to learn in an agile environment it is not enough just to focus on doing their job and they need to actively identify and remove impediments.

Ultimate Giveaway:

  • One person will get FREE course valued at $1400 (your choice of SAFe Certified Scrum Master or SAFe Certified DevOps Practitioner)
  • Everyone gets 50% off all Sprint Agile courses.

Outline/Structure of the Workshop

1. Introduction Slides + interactive session about impediments

A bit on impediments and how everyone must actively try to navigate impediments in Agile environments

15 minutes

2. Explaining the Game

5 minutes

3. The Game

Each team is given a story. The goal is to illustrate the story in a storyboard. There are various rules that the team members need to follow (Sneak peek: only draw with Red colour but there is only one red pen available per team)

40 minutes

4. Analysis + Questions and Answer

15 minutes

Learning Outcome

How to think more creatively and apply Agile mindset in removing and navigating impediments.

Moving from "doing my job" to "getting the job done" mindset

Target Audience

Any member of an agile team, leaders, managers, and coaches. Anyone who understands Scrum and wants to have fun.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understanding of Scrum framework.

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