Executive Leadership - Mindset is the 'Biggest' issue!!! Why is this and how do we tackle it?

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Most organisations need to rapidly transform if they want to survive and thrive into the future, and we believe that the ‘Executive Leadership Mindset' (& beliefs) is the single biggest issue facing organisations today!

Beliefs dictate our actions, and if our senior leaders don’t have suitable mindsets & beliefs then in the famous words from Apollo 13, ‘Houston we’ve got a problem!!!

Many senior executives have beliefs which may have helped them to get where they are now, but will not help them to get where they need to go in the future. The world we live in is changing at an unprecedented rate. This new world needs a new approach and a certain mindset. If executive leaders want to help their organisations survive , grow and prosper, many of them need to unlearn much of what they have learned in the past; not doing this could have very serious implications for their organisations and the people they lead.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


Step 1: Awareness

Step 2: Understanding

Step 3: Tools to help change


Learning Outcome

To provide participants with

- An awareness of the importance & significance of the issue

- Some useful & practical tools to help tackle this very BIG issue!

Target Audience

Executive Leaders & Any person who considers themselves a 'Change Agent'!

Prerequisites for Attendees


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