What your agile transformation needs to get right - more than casual dress and post-its

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Consumers, like never before, have real choice about where they purchase products and services. Organisations large and small need to adapt quickly, or die.

Leading to a number of Australia's largest organisations deciding to 'go agile', in an attempt to tackle this VUCA world head on.

But is putting a nice, customer-centric, wrapper around a whole organisation transformation what agile is actually about?

During the 30 minute discussion Simon will discuss and provide a perspective on:

  • Some of the key design principles that need to be considered when undergoing an agile transformation

  • Balancing empowerment and control in search of alignment

  • Where change like this works; and where and why it doesn't!


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

  1. Introduction to enterprise agility

  2. Discussion around some of the below:

    • Why these large organisations are doing this?

    • What are the key challenges the corporates are facing on their journey?

    • What is critical to get right for agile changes at this scale to be successful?

  3. Converging on key themes and practical tools to apply for yourself and open discussion

Learning Outcome

  1. Gain an appreciation for why the large organisations are making such bold changes to agile ways of working

  2. Take away a couple of practical design principles to consider applying in your own context

  3. Share experiences and challenges from when it hasn't gone to plan

Target Audience

Managers, Leaders, anyone curious about how to scale (and de-scale) agile in the enterprise

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