Scaling connection, trust and agility using Management 3.0 practice

location_city Melbourne schedule Jul 19th 01:30 - 02:15 PM place EN 204 (C40) people 30 Interested

This interactive session will explore connections and how personal mapping can be scaled to kick-start a platform to build better communications, trust and psychological safety to underpin your agility journey.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

This session will explore key insights and learnings from scaling personal mapping to hundreds of people over several countries. The session will present the personal mapping scaling method used through a shortened practice and reflection along with short presentation on connections with some key references supporting the importance of developing connections as a foundation for building trust and psychological safety.

Learning Outcome

How to scale Management 3.0 personal mapping to build trust and energy with a group in a short period of time. Exploration of types of connections and their importance in building trust and agility.

Target Audience

Anyone who is part of a team, esp. if you are trying to create high performing teams. You could be a Manager, Coach, ScrumMaster, Leader, Change Agent.


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