Does Agile culture discriminate against the neurodiverse

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As organisations have become more agile and try to build “high-performing” teams, they have started to hire for cultural and team fit. As a result they search for people who can collaborate and are team players; who are willing to develop a deep trust in each other and in the team’s purpose; who freely express feelings and ideas; who engage in extensive discussion; who are adaptable and embrace change and who are comfortable managing constructive conflict towards a better outcome.

There are however, many people who do not meet that criteria, and for various reasons, may struggle to meet that criteria in the future.

Everyone brain is wired slightly differently and not everyone’s wiring fits the mould described above.

Does the exclusivity of the above criteria result in certain people missing out who could have significant positive value.


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

This will be a workshop / facilitated discussion around the topic.

The presenters have no expert knowledge in this area at all, and are interested in provoking some new thoughts and seeing where the discussion goes.

Learning Outcome

Does hiring for cultural fit result in a less diverse workforce?

Are there circumstances where it is more or less necessary to be less diverse?

What are the implications of that? Are opportunities being missed or is the cultural fit more important.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in exploring the types of people who may not fit into typical Agile culture.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some preconceptions of the types of people a good Agile company (or your company) likes to hire

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