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How do we make an impact to the starters in our field regardless of your position in the industry? Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a newcomer and explore mentoring from a different perspective.

Coming from being a part of an 18 month Graduate Program position at REA Group, my peers and I have been fortunate enough to find ourselves in an environment where mentoring and pairing is a big part of the culture. This talk is designed to give the attendees an insight on what a diverse range of mentees actually wish and crave for, to empower people to mentor and help shape the future of tech.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Story of my journey : Learning technology coming from a zero-tech background whilst living in the Philippines, now a Systems Engineer at REA Group.2. Challenges newcomers faces until somebody decides to give a helping hand

2. Explore the difference when you have a mentor

3. Discussing different Mentoring styles

4. How you, whatever your position is in the industry can help create a better mentoring culture in your workplace

5. Questions

Learning Outcome

People will have a better understanding of what mentoring really is about, and will hopefully get encouraged to put their foot forward and help shape a better learning environment in both the community and in their workplaces.

Target Audience

Anyone in the tech community


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