Take the Red Pill and the Blue Pill - delivering policy with Agility

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How do you deliver a big policy outcome that normally take 6 months when you only have weeks?

An early election was called and we faced having to develop two sets of a comprehensive policy documents -- the red book (left-wing) and the blue book (right-wing) -- to brief an incoming government in 8 weeks. We were caught by surprise, the normal lead time were gone, and news about policy commitments came faster from TV and social media than traditional internal sources. This was a non ICT business team who hadn't done Agile before however we felt given the time frames, it was the best way to approach for such a high profile project.

Come and learn about and application of Lean Kanban and how we delivered the outcome through:

  • engagement with the executive to share drafts of chapters, then gather and incorporate feedback in short iterative cycles to improve transparency and alignment.
  • team design in non-software environment
  • limiting waste and duplication
  • visualising flow
  • coordination of “Scrum of Scrums” key daily meetings to promote collaboration, visibility and transparency
  • supporting team leads to coordinate the collaborative, dynamic planning process, prioritising work that needs to be done against the capacity and capability of the team
  • providing visibility and transparency of work in progress and flow and share this with other teams and stakeholders.

Mia will discuss how she addressed business agility through working with a Portfolio Management Office (PMO) to assist the Incoming Government Brief (IGB) task force to work iteratively and apply agile practices to draft and deliver policy documentation to articulate the details and costing of policy initiatives from each of the major political parties in the lead up to the Federal election. This involved working with Executives and Business stakeholders within the policy domain during a hectic period where policy could change or be adjusted and costed daily as policies were revealed by each side during the campaign. The policy team need to improve the enterprises business agility to respond to rapid change and this involved working with the leadership across 12 branches to align iterations of draft policy documentation over an intensive period. (the taskforce was pulled together to deliver the IGB over 8 weeks). Specifically, Kanban and Lean were chosen as the method for delivery.

This approach resulted in executives having earlier visibility of the approach and content of the IGB and improved quality of IGB by reducing the risk that significant changes being identified late in the delivery. The Teams were focused to delivery higher value work more efficiently, while being transparent about delays to lower value activities. The success of this initiative in a non-ICT environment has promoted the PMO to look at other business areas to implement Agile to develop an Agile mindset across the Agency.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Overview of the context and challenged faced by the portfolio management team 5 mins
Overview of the application of business agility in a non ict policy area 10 mins
Discuss the challenges faced with rapid uptake and change to activate business agility with executives 10mins
Outline the agile principles and practices used to help executives and leaders during this transition 5mins
Discuss role of leadership and culture in driving change across an enterprise 10 mins
Questions 5 mins

Learning Outcome

  • - Use of Agile techniques in a NOn ICT policy setting
  • - How to adopt a "leaders first" mindset to allow leaders to truly drive the change and develop a culture for high performance
  • - Understanding of Lean/Kanban approach for non software teams to focus on delivery and optimising flow of work to deliver within a short timeframe

Target Audience

Portfolio program management, PMOs, Program managers, RTEs, SMs, Business stakeholders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Experience working with portfolio and program initiatives would be desirable

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