Getting to Value Atoll: how you can deliver value from insights by creating a culture of experimentation

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Most organisations now understand why they need insights on customers’ needs and behaviours to drive customer-centred outcomes within agile teams. But many organisations struggle to convert insights from their quantitative and qualitative research into value that actually gets delivered to customers.

And whilst many organisations are employing researchers, and building agile teams, organisational behaviours—at a team level, and also at a leadership level—often get in the way of those teams converting insights into value, leaving teams feeling lost at sea.

But there are behaviours and principles that teams and leaders can put into practice to create an culture of effective experimentation based on insights. By being more human, we can enable our teams to deliver efficient value to customers, and even within the organisation itself.

Come on a swashbuckling journey with us, as we show you how to navigate the oft-treacherous waters of organisational culture, to help your teams reach the mystical location we call Value Atoll.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Note that this session will be co-presented with Dave Calleja, Experimentation Lead and Associate Design Director at Isobar.

This talk will explore:

  • Why insights alone are not enough to enable an insights-driven culture, and how to identify if you're stuck in this "insights-aware" rut
  • Ways of working that your team can apply in their day-to-day work, to start delivering value to customers and the organisation sooner.
  • Practical actions that leaders can take to enable a culture of experimentation based on insights, that allow organisations to put into practice the elusive mantra of "fail fast", and deliver value out the other end.
  • A series of real-life case studies throughout, that help to illustrate the practical ways that teams and leaders can apply these approaches in their work.

Learning Outcome

Attendees will learn practical behaviours and principles that can be applied at a team level, and at a leadership/organisational level, to help attendees start applying what they've learned in session.

The talk is structured around a delightful/ridiculous swashbuckling metaphor of a pirate map, giving visual references that help the ideas shared to stick with participants well beyond the presentation.

Target Audience

Executives, people leaders, program managers and leaders, product owners, and teams

Prerequisites for Attendees

Whilst this talk is focussed on a more managerial level of thinking and practicality, there is heaps in there for team members working in agile squads, and for people who are new to agile.

Prerequisites are low, as it explores the human side of effectively using insights to deliver value for customers and organisations, and is deliberately structured to be accessible to a range of levels of experience.


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