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We've now all been accustomed to the agile and devops mindsets as they figure today.

There's still some kind of barrier between roles in a team, and maybe even between peers.

Through this session, we'll experience what would it look like to build human connections in our workplace to empower people and understand what drives them.

You will discover how you can make a difference in your organisation and teams, and how you can start practicing this new skill without classroom training!


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

This presentation will be split between sharing stories from my own experiences, some ideas, and exercises for you to discover yourself through others.

There will be space for Q/A throughout the session, though, you will be at the centre of the conversation for this.

A few exercises' example would include:

* One-to-one story sharing

* One-to-one silent conversations

Learning Outcome

You will come out with a different perspective on dialogue in the organisation, and how to really empower and lead people forward.

Through a set of distinct steps / principles, you will get access to more powerful conversations with your co-workers.

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees

This presentation will have you share experiences, so bring in your curiosity, openness and be ready to get uncomfortable.

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