Employee 1st: how to surf the corporate culture so that emerges an organisation outperforming the market

The best storytelling might be the one that you experienced yourself.

Let me tell you the story of how a 500-employee company completely changed its structure, lead by the employees' impulse.
After 10 years and an average of 20% organic growth every year, it was time to change, for the organisation to keep growing.

Originally, the teams were composed of senior & highly skilled consultants, divided into 3 industry-focused departments.
But over time, consultants started feeling frustrated being stuck in one department, working in 1 industry, on the same types of missions.
The company turnover reached a peak and in 2014 the executive team decided to address the problem.
More than half of the employees gathered to answer the question: how should the organisation be organised, in order to fulfil both business and consultants needs?

This talk will be about how the company organised a bottom-up conversation to invent and to collectively design their very own great place to work.

More than the organisation model itself, the talk will emphasis on the collective design process of the organisation based on a clearly stated problem, on the core principles on which the Tribes lie on and on the benefits that have been observed after 3 years of operation.
Greatly inspired by the book "Tribal Leadership" by David Logan, the employees ended up organising themselves as Tribes of expertise.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

1. Describing a struggling organisation and why a change was unavoidable
2. How did we organise a collective design process?
3. Which core principles emerged and how do we implement it? (open Mercato, disagree and commit, tribe lifecycle, tribe leadership, continuous evolution)
4. What did we learn during the journey? What were the key impediments we faced?
5. We reached 600 people. Now what? (thoughts about the next evolution of the organisation)

Learning Outcome

- Inspiration for new corporate organisation models
- Emerging design through collective events technics
- Key success factors for designing an organisation that spreads the sense of responsability to all the employees

Target Audience

C-level or executives from medium to large companies, all industries, all departments.

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