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Interested in DevOps but not sure how to get started? Join Fabian to explore the real meaning behind DevOps and how to begin your own DevOps Journey. Every organisation is different, but DevOps is a universal concept, and it can be applied anywhere. We'll explore some common patterns and approaches, both technical and cultural that can get your organisation started on their own adventure!


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

This Presentation will be as interactive as the audience wants or needs it to be. I can talk all the way through or pause at particular intervals to discuss with the audience the current state of the story and what should happen next, after that short discussion we then go on to see what actually happened and how it compares to the discussion.

This is the Structure :

Short intro to DevOps, how long we spend on this is dependent on the level of interaction by the attendees.

Summary on how to get started with DevOps:

- Picking the right project to test the waters on

- Putting a plan together

Step through the plan with a real life example, from an organisation I recently worked at.

We talk about the issues within the organisation both technical and cultural

- How the teams were structured :

- How they worked together (good and bad bits)

- How the teams could/should have been structured

- How we work around the team structure to maximize results

Tech practices

- Building tech capabilities to speed things up

- Getting started on pipelines

- Adding in complexity

Discuss the outcome

- Did we improve ?

Answer as many question from the audience as possible.

Learning Outcome

I hope this sparks ideas within people about how they can kick start new ways of working within their organisation.

The presentation doesn't solve everyone's problems but I believe its enough to give both leaders, managers and engineers inspiration to change and show them that its not that hard to give it a go.

Target Audience

Leaders and Engineers looking to change the way their teams work. Looking for ways to kick off technical projects to create new capabilities within their organisation.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Think about what's important to them and their organisation.. be prepared with questions. Taking questions is my favorite part of the presentation.

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