Your Guide to the world of Sales ~ Welcome to the Conversation Age

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The age of information is over ... not because it's not important but because everyone now has an overload of information. When information is merely the table stakes ... then what's next?

We are now in the Conversation Age where the real difference is and will be your ability to apply your data and ideas to your customer's needs and desires.

This comes from firstly deeply understanding your customers and what makes them tick (logically AND emotionally) and then walking with them during their experience of you, your product or service and your company.

Let's have a conversation about this ... challenge each other and learn.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

What is the conversation age - and why should I care.

If the data and information age is over ... what's next? I am not saying that data isn't important but what I am saying is that it is the application of this data that is where we add value. If we take data for granted ... then what? Our skills in understanding others, what they need and and having conversations with non-technical people about how to use the data you give them - this is where the gold is.

In this session we will explore the foundations of conversations - what are they - how do we improve them and how to upskill in this.

This will be an interactive session where you get to bring your ideas and experiences in dealing with clients and customers and we get to have a real conversation about how to influence others to get your message across.

Learning Outcome

Understanding the values and skills of conversation and application of ideas to clients. Also know as sales :)

Understand where you conversation skills are at and how you can improve in applying these to the data sets that you want people to know about.

Target Audience

Founders and product development folks

Prerequisites for Attendees

An open mind.
Bring your experiences of 'sales' and dealing with customers. The good, the bad and the ugly.



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  • Raymond Dellar

    Raymond Dellar - Habitual Dependence and Gamification in Products

    45 Mins

    This presentation will come with the goal of teaching attendees;

    - How to look out for gamification and habitual depedance in the real world and digital products

    - How these features will try to use your own brain chemistry to their advantage

    - How to use these features in your own products and assit your customers into building good habits

    After walking away from this presentation the attendees should feel they have a much better understanding of habitual loops companies will put in their products to try and get you onboard, the ways in which they will try to manipulate you, and how you can use these powers for good.