In an increasingly fast paced, complex and stressful world, we are being asked as leaders to be more “authentic", “vulnerable” and “empathetic”.

But at what cost?

There’s a well known area of psychological research known as compassion fatigue traditionally associated with the medical industry. In this session, we’ll discuss those principles in the context of your leadership role and how to bring your best self to work while practising self care.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Storytelling and examples leading to the learning outcomes interspersed with practical tips and application.

This can also be run as a workshop where individuals can put into practice some of the learnings but would require 60-90 mins.

Learning Outcome

  • Risk Factors for burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Indicators
  • Resiliency: Coping Mechanisms & practical techniques

Target Audience

People Leaders, Coaches and those in roles that require caring for other staff

Prerequisites for Attendees

No pre-reqs

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