Communicate for Outcomes (starting with the humble email)

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  • Ever go to the trouble of explaining something in writing, only to have it misunderstood?
  • Ever struggle to get the responses you want via email?
  • Ever had a challenging colleague or client that required 'handle with care' emails?

Although us Agilists value face-to-face communication, we acknowledge that email and documentation are still necessary parts of our work. If you answered yes to any of the above, please accept this invitation to join me for a session on delivering clear written comms that generate respect and action from your audience.

Learn how to:

  • Amp up the power of your written message using a few simple techniques;
  • Write to persuade, influence and generate results;
  • Hose down (and don’t accidentally start) emotive exchanges; and
  • Build your personal brand with clear cut through and just enough grammar and punctuation.

Bonus Netiquette Essentials segment (because we know you want more).


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Using email as our discussion device, we tackle some of the major challenges people hit with communication in business writing and dive into workshopping real, repeatable techniques. These are practical strategies that are easy to remember and simple to use in both everyday incidental exchanges, as well as more formal documentation.

Learning Outcome

A takeaway toolkit you can apply to your writing the minute you leave the session. Your emails and documents will be more impactful, more persuasive and will showcase your best professional self.

Target Audience

Calling all who use email or write documents! If you ever struggle to find the words, cut down the words, have your words heard or wish some others would use different words, then this session is for you.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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  • Sue Hogg

    Sue Hogg - Context is king! A systems thinking approach to further understand your company context...

    Sue Hogg
    Sue Hogg
    Group Program Manager
    schedule 3 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    Ever wondered what on earth is going in your company? Your team? The system of work? Are people acting crae-crae? Is there conflict? Are there pockets of super awesomeness & pockets of unhappiness? Are people pulling in different directions?

    In this talk, I will run through my systems thinking approach and experiences to unpacking and diagnosing a company, it’s context, it’s practices and it’s people.

    If nothing else, this talk may help you with making the invisible more visible and may lead you to be even more situationally aware of the context you have found yourself in!

  • Peter Lam

    Peter Lam / Penelope Barr - Agile, Scrum and other agile weapons to dishearten teams

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    Come along and get involved in an interactive discussion about agile approaches, values and techniques and how they they can be MISUSED to dishearten teams. Hear warstories and how we earned certain scars as we took on the challenge to support teams and flip the pattern.

    Many organisations are adopting and scaling agile / new ways of working. The sheer number of these changes happening at the same time, means that there aren't quite enough people with experience supporting and leading the journeys. This can mean there's a great opportunity for learning but the challenge of learning and then quickly translating theoretical information into on-the-ground knowledge to teach others, will result in obvious gaps. This creates three key problems

    1. Practices and approaches being implemented with the best of intent, but missing the important (hard bits) leading to disheartening teams
    2. Misunderstanding of the time any change takes to implement and that the pace is set by people's capacity to learn and adapt
    3. Extended time being taken to best assist teams because they set out to resolve the 'wrong' problem, using sub-optimal practices and approaches

    Come and join in the interactive discussion and presentation which will help set you up for success by

    • Identifying key antipatterns
    • Proven counter to untangle the pattern