Practical Steps to Increasing Motivation and Driving Behaviour Change in Dev Teams.

As a former teacher I taught music theory, widely considered to be one of the most boring subjects on the planet, yet students frequently wanted to spend longer than their allocated time in my classroom. Why? They knew I cared, I made it safe, they could rely on me and I could rely on them. These are practical things you can bring into your team. This presentation explores how to do that, drawing on my personal experience as a teacher and on behavioural research.


Outline/Structure of the Lightning Talk

It turns out that adults are just like kids - they work and learn best when they are respected and feel safe. This presentation explores three key areas for helping people work, learn and grow in your teams.

  1. All we do is behave: assessing individual behaviours and needs using the work of William Glasser.
  2. Seeing yourself as part of their network, and them as part of yours: understanding the connection created by allowing and practising vulnerability drawing on the work of Bréné Brown.
  3. Creating culture: deciding what you will and won’t accept and sticking with it.

Learning Outcome

Understand and be able to use leadership habits that drive motivation and support behaviour change.

Target Audience

Dev leads, technical leads, managers and mentors

Prerequisites for Attendees


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