Sales 101 for LASTers - Everything you wanted to know about Sales, but were afraid to ask!

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Ever wanted to really know what goes on in the sales world? Will share and discuss sone of the following, and also have time to answer your burning questions.

Why should Software Engineers, Product Managers, UX Designers, Agile experts even care about Sales and those that sell?

Have you ever wondered what sales and business development is all about? What do sales people really do and how do they do it? How are they paid and motivated and what is the best way to keep them motivated? What's the difference between a "farmer" and a "hunter" - and why does it matter?

What is a funnel, pipeline and sales process, and are there resources that can help me sell, and sell better?

How and When should I hire my first sales person? If I do hire, does that mean I'm now a sales manager, and what do Sales Manager's do that's different from sales people?

I'm thinking of a career in sales or moving into a sales job temporary to pick up some more skills, is it a good move to move from technical to sales?

Is the traditional B2B Field Sales Person dead--- how is sales changing?

What are the latest trends in sales - and where is it heading?


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Intro / Personal Background

Different types of Sales

Sales Motivation/Compensation

Sales Management

Pipeline, Funnel and Sales Stages

Why I should work with SalesPeople, When and How

Sales as a Profession

Trends / Future of Sales

Learning Outcome

Have a better understanding of sales, salespeople, and the sales processes so know when and how to collaborate bett

See if sales as a job or as a career might be a good next step in your career.

Know when and how to hire your first sales person and what to look for.

Target Audience

Technical or Non-Technical, Client Facing and Non-Client Facing--eg. Product Managers, UX Designers, Software Engineers, Agile Experts, Entrepreneurs, Founders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Have a curious mind, and think of any questions you may want to ask that are related to Sales or Business Development.

Focus will be predominantly on B2B.

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