Want to understand what's driving you and others? A life changing journey to explore values.

We hear a lot about values: personal values, corporate values or about aligning your values with the company values. Recently even Craig Brown described SCRUM in terms of values. Check out his LinkedIn post.

It seems that everyone assumes that we all know what values are and also what our own values are.

When I coach people, I always start with eliciting their personal values. And when I say “We will now explore your values” frequently I hear: “yes Ella but, ... what do you mean by ‘values’ “?

So what do I mean by ‘values’?

Now, why is it that corporate leaders, politicians, athletes and other people talk about values?

People talk about values because they have learned that values drive performance and have a direct impact on the results we get; we, individual people in our lives, whole teams in workplaces, whole companies and businesses, as well as whole nations.

If you want to improve your own performance in any area of your life, I recommend that you learn about your own values.
If you want to lead your team more effectively, I recommend that you learn about your and your team members' values.
If you want to drive stronger performance in your company or your business, I recommend learning about values.
And, if you want to govern and lead the whole nation for the greater good, please, learn about values.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • What is a personal value

  • Benefits of knowing your own values

  • Benefits of knowing other people's values

  • How to elicit Life Values from a person. Ella will illustrate this point by providing a live elicitation. A Volunteer is needed. Please volunteer.

  • How to elicit Work Values from a person. Ella will elicit the values from the Volunteer.

  • Practice the development of the values elicitation skill by working in “triads” (a Coach, a Coachee, and an Observer)

  • Lessons learned from the exercise / Q&A

  • Summary

Learning Outcome

The participants will

  • gain an understanding what personal values are in the context of life and work

  • understand the benefits of knowing what your own values are and those of other people

  • be able to elicit values from themselves, their team members and other people. Values elicitation is a practical tool to be added to the toolbox by those leaders or coaches who want to improve their team's performance and achieve outstanding results.

Target Audience

Leaders, coaches, anyone who wants to understand what drives them, anyone who wants to understand what motivates others

Prerequisites for Attendees

Pen and paper, and an inquiring mind

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