Lean and Agile Systems of Leadership

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Richard engages the audience with insights on leadership through the lenses of lean and agile. He aims to create an understanding of how agile cultures thrive or fail with the *system* of leadership; and, help attendees understand, practically, what they can do about creating improvements.


Outline/Structure of the Others

Richard speaks on leadership through lean and agile lenses, engaging the audience with issues relevant to making progress today. He provides insights on:

  • how rationalist thinking dominates management practices and destroys value,
  • how to design conversations on value as a means of aligning behaviours and decision making
  • how lean principles and viable systems thinking create agile organisations - viability is a pre-requisite for agility
  • how an agile culture thrives or fails with the *system* of leadership - and what you can do about it.

Note: Richard comes with a bias for action before theory - but wishes to connect action with theory to build frameworks for tackling the toughest problems we face in our world today.

Learning Outcome

Learn the practices of good leadership

Develop practical actions to influence systemic improvement

See leadership though a new lens

See yourself with greater leadership potential

Target Audience

Leaders, aspiring leaders, people who are sceptical of leaders, people who just want to get good results.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Attendees should understand that technology and science is a contact sport. Solutions to the problems we face are rarely technological or economic. People and their agendas get in the way of resolving problems. Leadership is essential.

Bring an open mind ready to engage in systems thinking as it applies to getting the best from people.

Bring a desire to contribute to how we get things done in a better way.

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