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  • Rajesh Mathur

    Rajesh Mathur / Dr Amy Silver - Are Agile coaches crossing the line? A panel discussion about Coaching & Counselling.

    45 Mins

    Agile coaches are mostly not qualified in counselling and therapy.

    Knowingly, mistakenly or ignorantly, some coaches divert their coaching instances to personal conversations as if they were therapists. Counselling is a skill which requires practice, experience and certification.

    It also has regulatory boundaries. While coaching and counselling are different, there is an overlap. Several coaching approaches had their roots in therapy: e.g. Solutions Focus Coaching came from Brief Therapy, Non-Violent Communication from Marshall Rosenberg (via Carl Rogers).

    As coaches, it is imperative to have self-awareness that we do not cross the line in explore in unchartered territories of counselling. Join this panel to learn more about counselling and coaching.

1. Who are you?

I am a psychologist, speaker, author and mentor. My expertise is in building interpersonal safety for collective intelligence. I have spent three decades as a psychologist developing IP on how fear and habit restrict our capability, communication and outcomes.

I'm obsessed with the ripples that our behaviours have both good and bad. I'm passionate about people feeling safe enough to be the very best of themselves. The work I do drives people to be powerfully self-managing, create and demand trust from others, drive growth through courageous conversations and responsibility to the collective goals.

The results are faster decisions, smoother implementation and greater quality control.

The full suite of programs can be seen at www.DrAmySilver.com