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  • Arash  Arabi

    Arash Arabi - Systems thinking to the rescue: the magic of value stream mapping in DevOps transformation

    45 Mins

    "Everyone is already doing their best; the problems are with the system … only management can change the system." —W. Edwards Deming

    Everybody is talking about Systems thinking these days. But what is "systems thinking" really? And how can we practically use it to get tangible benefits in solving complex organisational problems? Value stream mapping is a very powerful systems thinking tool used to give us a bird's eye view and help us identify key components of the system/organisation that need to be changed in order to optimise the whole.

    In this session, we will run a simulation of an actual value stream mapping workshop to solving complex organisational problems such as DevOps transformation. After a short presentation, the facilitator will help each table to identify a value stream, then the teams will work together and map their value streams on wall pads.

    You will take away practical tools that you can use the next day in your organisation that will impress everyone and provide tangible benefits for your team/company.

    We will explore concepts like:

    - Lead time

    - Process time

    - Percent complete and accurate

    - Activity ratio

    - DevOps

1. Who are you?

Arash is a well-recognised Agile Coach and an international speaker. Arash has helped numerous high profile organisations achieve remarkable results. He is an evangelist of systems thinking, culture-focused leadership, and empiricism. Arash’s mission is to help organisations move from opinion-based decision making to evidence-based decision making.

Arash is an extraordinary trainer and facilitator known for running exceptionally engaging and inspirational workshops full of learning. He still codes and is highly skilled in numerous programming languages, DevOps practices, and various technologies.