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  • Ben Dechrai

    Ben Dechrai - Why You Shouldn't Care About Security

    Ben Dechrai
    Ben Dechrai
    Developer Evangelist
    schedule 1 year ago
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    45 Mins

    API development is fun! Everyone is doing it, from large organisations wanting to provide developer access to their systems, to small websites wanting to push web application business logic to the browser.

    Password security is boring. It's also harder than you'd think. The number of reported system breaches is on the increase, with big names being hit by hackers.

    And when it comes to a service-oriented architecture, you have to secure multiple services. That's just tedious.

    There are a number of solutions, but few that let you pretty much forget about security and access control.

    In this talk and demo, Ben will show how using a third-party identity management system will allow you to ramp up your prototypes and MVPs with more ease, and to concentrate on the core purpose of the APIs, rather than the layers of security that are a must in today's digital world.

1. Who are you?

Ben Dechrai is a technologist with a staunch focus on security and privacy. This started at the age of 11, when he wrote software to stop his mum from breaking the family PC, and resulted in his working as a developer advocate for Auth0. He enjoys helping developers find the joy of experimentation, from ethical skulduggery to subversive automation, and can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @bendechrai.