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  • Ben Ross

    Ben Ross - How to ride a whale - lessons from partnering with corporates

    Ben Ross
    Ben Ross
    Propel Ventures
    schedule 1 year ago
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    30 Mins
    Propel Ventures scaled from 6 staff to 46 staff in the last 12 months.
    In this session Ben will explain how he developed a model of partnering with large software application businesses by taking on the most innovative pieces of their roadmap and delivering them ahead of time, effectively attaching Propel to large corporates to accelerate their roadmaps, in a way that works for both parties, like a barnacle living and cleaning a whale.
    The three key elements Ben will focus on are
    1. The Propel Ventures partnership approach ie. the role that Propel takes with respect to delivering innovations and and how they commercially set up a partnership for success;
    2. The cultural infrastructure Propel has developed to enable the business to scale sustainably and maintain a great engineering environment; and
    3. The lessons learned along the way which destroyed value and slowed the team down.
1. Who are you?

Founder of Propel Ventures.

Ben is a bold entrepreneurial leader formerly on the executive leadership team at MYOB where he built a 45-strong product management & UX team responsible for MYOB’s web, mobile and desktop product portfolio, executed by 40+ agile development teams. In this role, Ben led the product transformation of the PE-backed MYOB from a desktop-centric business to on-line leader, culminating in its successful ASX IPO in 2015.

Ben’s edge is his ability to build and lead agile teams and execute against a compelling vision. He has managed small and large teams across EUR, USA, Asia and ANZ in roles as a founding start-up CEO (Quotify) and as a product exec with Intuit and MYOB. Ben built and led his own angel-funded startup from inception in SF in 2010 to sale to Telstra in late 2011 and again in 2017 with the sale of to MYOB.

B.LLB (hons), B.Com (hons), GAICD