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  • Soumendu Ghara

    Soumendu Ghara / Bhumika S - User Story Mapping - WHY and HOW, a handson workshop

    45 Mins

    What is our Motivation:

    • Share our experience and how we could do things better
    • Every time we share, run such a workshop we learn as much as the attendees
    • Interest in giving back to the community and sharing

    Why this topic is important:

    • We believe, ability to effectively story map is a crucial capability for an agile team
    • Helps teams learn collaboration, share and prioritise quickly and efficiently

    Who are our audience:

    • Team members who want to story map, non programmers, any one who wants to build or improve a skill, want to learn about agile

    What is the main lesson/knowledge we want to share:

    • What is the philosophy behind story mapping, why we do it
    • How we can do it effectively

    Best Medium to deliver:

    • Partly PPT - 15 mins
    • Partly workshop - 30 mins


1. Who are you?

I am currently working as a Senior Quality Analyst at MYOB, with a team building the services that ensures customers buying products from MYOB are getting the right price and the right access to the product that they are buying. In the years before MYOB, I've worked on various domains like airline, travel, retail and e-commerce across multiple teams building websites, mobile apps, APIs.

I am constantly looking to improve my T-shaped skills by playing not just the Quality Analyst role but, also working as a part-time Business Analyst as well as Developer when needed.

I also believe that all of us need to develop cross-functional empathy i.e we understand different roles like developers, BAs, QA's, UX & what they need to succeed, to ensure that we can work and collaborate better.

Beyond work:

  • In my free time, I like to sing, read, travel and watch a lot of movies.
  • I've also been a guest lecturer at Monash University on "Software Quality and it's Evolution"