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  • Alexis Stuart

    Alexis Stuart / Bob Martin - What Aren't You Seeing in Your Product Organisation? Lesson's Learned on Myer's Digital Journey

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    At Myer, we’re well into our digital product journey. Although we still have plenty of work to do, we would like to start sharing our experiences in taking a Product centric approach to ensure we are delighting our customers and leveraging L.A.S.T practices to change behaviour and enable a positive outcome.

    In this discussion, we will look at where we started, where we are now, and what our future path might look like. Our hope is that we can help others avoid (or at least identify) some of the more common pitfalls, and to help others develop a proactive approach to navigating their digital product journey.

    Some topics for discussion may include:
    - How we are working on creating a Product-centric organisation, and why this is so important.
    - How focusing on the work that feeds the backlog(s) is just as important as the backlog(s) them self.
    - Experimenting with the Google '20% time' practice, and how this helps create a trusting and inclusive environment.
    - Constantly questioning the value of ideas, and initiatives. Like many organisations, there is no shortage of great ideas, but how do we make sure we are working on the most valuable ​at any given time?
    - What happens without a strong product organisation? For example, what happens when there is no product guidance for UX. Now that we are working on building out our Product practices - how can we ​start to develop a healthy tension between UX and Product?

    Experiences shared by Alexis Stuart, Digital Product Owner and Bob Martin, Agile Practice Lead.

1. Who are you?

Hi, my name is Bob Martin, and I'm an Agilist; and no, I'm not Uncle Bob (i.e., the Bob Martin that signed the Agile Manifesto). I'm the Agile Practice Lead, and an Agile Coach at Myer. Until recently (Feb 2019), I was a Principal Consultant at Elabor8 in Melbourne.

Before I moved back to Melbourne (in early 2017 from Atlanta, Georgia in the US) I was the Agile and Lean practices lead, and a coach, at The Weather Company (TWC). Prior to our 'formal' Agile transformation kick-off event in 2012, I worked with the product org within TWC helping them to develop better ways to identify and communicate the user and business needs. Before that I was an IT grunt working my way from Mainframes to Architecture, including a stop off to run a small PMO. When I left TWC in March, 2017 I was supporting multiple business units and product organisations, with ~ 25 teams and their leadership.

I've had the opportunity to work with, and be mentored by some great coaches along the way, either by a direct working relationship, workshops, the local coaching community, and/or through the Agile Alliance conferences. I was a co-organiser, and occasional presenter of the Alpharetta Agile Meetup, and I also attended and occasionally facilitated the Atlanta Limited WIP Society Lean Coffee.

I sometime struggle with the term 'Agile Coach' because of the different assumptions people have with that role, and the necessary inclusion of philosophies and practices from Lean, Cynefin, Systems Thinking, etc.

I like to help teams and organisations grow, and to be as effective and happy as possible.