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  • Cathy Jamshidi

    Cathy Jamshidi - User adoption: selling the story to developers

    Cathy Jamshidi
    Cathy Jamshidi
    Sr. Business Analyst
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    User adoption is one of the most challenging things about projects. When they are consumer facing applications, you can measure your success through the number of click throughs, time spent by users reading pages or product purchases, money they spend. Consumers want to use your product because it fulfils a need or a want. Conversely, when a product or service is required out of obligation, regulation or to maintain a standard, and it doesn’t necessarily fit a need or a problem they’re trying to solve, then consumers don’t want to use the goods or services.

    Welcome to the world of application security. Application security is sexy in theory, hacking at systems, breaking in, being a rebel without a cause, but what happens when you try and roll application security tooling out to hundreds of developers where many of them have less than no interest in embedding another tool into their software delivery lifecycle? How do you keep it sexy, interesting, engaging and make them want to use it?

    This is the story of how we rolled out appsec tooling to developers, our wins, our failures, and the rollercoaster journey we went through. The aim is to provide some insight into how different behaviours influence user adoption and hopefully some takeaways you can use when you're involved in such projects, either as part of a delivery team or conversely as an end user

1. Who are you?

Who am I, is a very broad question to have to answer. I am a learner, a teacher, an advocate, a sister, a daughter, a fighter, a runner, a dog mother and a believer in making things better. I am extroverted, creative, methodological, realistic, pragmatic and a chameleon. 

I was, and am still a registered pharmacist, but I have more passion and interest in IT consulting which is where I focus my efforts. I'm a consultant and work for an IT startup, whom I consider to be my other family. At work I'm the business analyst, the scrum master, the iteration manager, the tester, the systems thinker and pretty much whatever else I need to be to get the job done. I've run projects in customer relationship management, warehousing, business intelligence and analytics, sales and marketing, healthcare, fast moving consumer goods, racing, logistics and application security. 

I've focused my experience in looking at how we can improve organisational effectiveness and efficiency through process improvement and development and implementation of technology.