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  • Chris Drylie
    Chris Drylie
    Sr. Product Owner
    schedule 1 year ago
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    30 Mins

    The importance of having direction and the right focus is not as clear cut as most companies think. Most of the time we try to fit ourselves into principles that make sense on paper but do not make sense in real life. I learned this lesson from trying to teach my 7-year-old daughter to play basketball (Trying to live my dreams through my child) and she constantly asked me why we did things a certain way when we can do it this way and this got me thinking.

    This presentation is about ignoring the buzz words, lean, agile and waterfall, and understanding that these are frameworks that we should not be cramming ourselves into. But using them in a way that suits you as a team/ business. To truly realize that our way of thinking needs to be flexible and adjust outside these methodologies, so we can grow to work to our best potential.

    We will talk about things we have done wrong, things we have done right and understood your teams and how they look at things, share in our experiences. Do we follow things to religiously and do we really do it right!

    In essence, this presentation is about thinking like a 7-year-old and continues discovery vs What We know. It takes a look at how the team is the core of the platform and not something that fits into the latest phase we are going through.

1. Who are you?

My name is Chris Drylie and I had the dream of becoming the first Scottish NBA player, however, it turned out that 'Robert Archibald' beat me to it back in 2002. Since this dream crushing realization, I have set his sights on becoming the best Product Leader I could.

Now with over 16+ years working in the IT industry, I find myself as the Senior Product Owner at StarRez Inc. Where I have learned to thrive in the chaos of software development and have taken my passion and applied it to managing complex cross-team initiatives and strategic programs. I help organizations be more productive, thereby making it possible to achieve their business goals and sometimes plays basketball on the side.