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  • David Chong

    David Chong - How to be lean - What is it and where do I start

    30 Mins

    What is lean?
    We've all heard about it - is it about decreasing wastes... improving the efficiency... Increasing flow...

    How does one implement lean, where/how do I start...

    This session is to introduce you to the Lean fundamentals, followed by the efficiency paradox, the efficiency matrix and some techniques to improve flow.

1. Who are you?

I’m an Agile Delivery Lead / Coach with over 11 years of experience in the telecommunications, banking and financial industry with a passion for Agile and delivering customer value. 

My agile transformation journey which started back in 2013 taught me tools/frameworks such as Scrum, Lean start-up, Kanban & SAFe. However, I've learnt real change comes from building trust and staying true to the agile values and principles. Since being thrown into the agile deep end I was fortunate to have excellent agile coaches/mentors and plenty of hands-on experience.