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  • David Williams

    David Williams - Deep dive into Value: What is it? Are you sure?

    David Williams
    David Williams
    Agile Coach
    ANZ Bank
    schedule 1 year ago
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    45 Mins

    Value is often used when designing and deciding on what work to do next. It’s central to both Agile and Lean principles. Together we will explore the question of value and challenge each other on what it is and how we use it?

    After defining some language around value and looking at some possible models on how it can be used, we will jump into a group exercise to dig deeper to uncover gaps in our mental models and gain new insights into what this value thing is and how we can use it more effectively.

1. Who are you?

My day job is an Agile Coach at ANZ. My purpose is to help companies and teams find better and more enjoyable ways to work. I love connecting with other people, hanging out with my friends and family and keeping fit by running and cycling.