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  • Elijah Eilert
    Elijah Eilert
    Innovation Metrics
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    90 Mins

    Traditional accounting and funding processes are no longer sufficient in dealing with today's fast changing environment. Innovation Accounting fundamentally ties learning and money together. It is a framework designed to generate and capture information about new ways to create, deliver and capture value in the most cost-effective and quickest way. It holds entrepreneurs and managers accountable against relevant metrics.

    Statistics is the ‘science’ of extracting the most information from the least data. Innovation Accounting puts these principals at the heart of innovation management. Innovation Accounting uses the right information at the right time to make better decisions about product, investment/resource allocation, people and strategy.

    This session will touch on some of the core challenges of innovation management and provides a high-level introduction to the subject of innovation accounting.

1. Who are you?

Elijah Eilert grew up and worked in Germany, as well as in various industries across six countries. He now resides in Australia. His passion for an evidence-based approach to entrepreneurship evolved from the difficulties of applying traditional business planning and project management to his first Startup - which he co-founded in China in 2007. Since then he has ventured back and forth between the Startup and corporate innovation space.

Today, Elijah coaches Startups and assists large organisations with their innovation practice, management and strategy. Solving the problems of innovation management to him is just as satisfying as the end result of a successful project - satisfied customers.