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  • Emily Jaksch

    Emily Jaksch - Rise the New Millennial

    45 Mins

    The current Millennial narrative is getting pretty old and whilst some are still complaining that Millennials are lazy, selfish and entitled most people have started to realise they are shaping the world around us. It’s time to reframe the dialogue and meet the new Millennial and based on a recent study Millennials are not who we think they are. The new Millennial characteristics according to research include Disruptors, Changemakers, Demanding, Ethically and Socially Minded, Progressive thinkers & Entrepreneurial just to name a few. Furthermore, there are plenty of Millennial Rainmakers shining a light on how they are disrupting industries and changing the business world as we know it. Think Ruslan Kogan, 36-year-old Founder of Kogan.com, Nicholas Molner 28-year-old Founder of Afterpay & Kayla Instines 28-year-old Fitness Mogul who is reportedly worth a cool $486M just to name just a few Aussies. It’s time to move over and get out of the way, the new wave of Millennial Entrepreneurs has arrived.

1. Who are you?

Emily’s fascination with human behaviour started in High School, when she had aspirations to study Anthropology or Archaeology.

Instead, like a good daughter she listened to her Dad’s advice and enrolled in a Commerce degree (because that was far more useful!).

She easily gravitated towards HR Management, and then spent the first 12 years of her career in the trenches of Corporate HR.

First, travelling to the UK (as all twenty-somethings do) to find her inaugural HR role with the Royal Bank of Scotland in London. Returning to Melbourne after September 11, Emily landed a job at Australian icon General Motors Holden (GMH) which included a stint at their manufacturing plant in Adelaide.

Leaving GMH to break into Strategic HR Emily’s next two roles at Wesfarmers and HOSTPLUS Superannuation is where she found her passion for developing HR functions and building HR teams from the ground up.

After achieving the elusive HR Executive title at just 29, she woke up one day and thought…

“I’m not happy, why?”

Realising she was not living according to her own personal values Emily took a leap of faith and started HR Gurus, a specialist HR Consultancy.

A decade later this thriving business has grown to include We Care Recruitment, a specialist recruiter for the Health & Aged Care industry.

Since then Emily has become passionate about the topic of ‘Millennials in the Workplace’ after being contacted by hundreds of desperate CEO’s about the “entitled and unreliable” Gen Y’s disrupting their businesses.

So began a research journey to find out what makes Millennials so different and difficult to manage?

This led to self-funding a first of its kind research project “THE AUSTRALIAN MILLENNIAL WORKPLACE STUDY” which challenges the popular portrayal of Millennials.

Emily is now on a mission to bridge the gap and create the next generation of Millennial leaders through a commitment to qualitative research and data.

To learn more visit https://www.emilyjaksch.com/ebook/