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  • Grant Sutton

    Grant Sutton - Live by your Principals - a team charter anti-pattern

    Grant Sutton
    Grant Sutton
    Delivery Principal
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    Team Charters are well meaning, but don't really change the way in which we build software. In this presentation I will talk about how we need instead to live by principals that drive how we design and build software rather than how we interact within a team.

    Many agile teams begin their project creating a team charter that describes the behavioural expectations for the team. In my experience nearly all of my teams charters have been quite similar to each other. If an organisation places an emphasis on cultural fit during hiring, and continues to reinforce behaviours, this is even more likely to occur.

    A team charter that states that people should collaborate, be respectful, raise concerns promptly and make time to play is repeating standards that are really part of an organization's culture, and often set the behavioural bar way too low.

    Instead a A team charter should be a set of guiding principals similar to the Agile Manifesto that helps teams make decisions on how they are going to build software, and the sacrifices that they are willing to make to get the right outcome for the business.

1. Who are you?

Passionate agilist and principal consultant at DigIO. I've had a varied technology career over 18 years including test automation, performance testing, and customer engagement, learning on my journey that what I really care about is helping teams find smarter ways of working together.

Outside of work, I'm a proud Dad of a 14th year old, love travelling overseas and when pressed happy to admit that I running Dungeons and Dragons with my daughter and her friends. In my remaining time I love the challenge or learning new physical challenges and have taken up Jiu Jitsu after earning by Kung Fu black belt.