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  • Helen Palmer

    Helen Palmer - Navigating complexity in organisational change

    Helen Palmer
    Helen Palmer
    Provocative Voice
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    90 Mins

    One size doesn't fit all. If the only tool you have is a hammer, you'll tend to see problems as nails (paraphrasing Maslow). So what can help you make better decisions about tailoring your approach to suit the nature of the circumstances you are working with - particularly when those circumstances have a large dose of complexity in the mix?


    Yep - not an easy word to pronounce (Ku-nev-in) - but a framework with the potency to make you a more effective practitioner.

    One of my professional practices is organisational change - so I'll use that as a context to share how I apply the thinking/sense-making tool of Cynefin in my work and some of the challenges that it resolves and creates. I'll dare you to think and work differently as a result.

1. Who are you?

I'm the Founder and Principal Change Agent of Questo, a business guiding organisations and individuals on quests of change in their workscape. 

My professional practice has been threaded with design for over two decades since I answered a calling for the Human Factor.  Even when I played in Information & Knowledge Management spheres, I was always curious about people and what made them tick. I've seen and learnt much from guiding the journeys of people undergoing big and small changes at work.

I mix theory with deep experience and creative approaches to provide everyday people with pragmatic advice they can implement - and it's flavoured with a dash of originality, and a sprinkling of kindness.

I've got lots of experience in helping workplaces in Australia, Japan and NZ. People say I can cleverly balance the realities of business with the complexities of people. Think of me like a Swiss Army knife of expertise, performing my magic through facilitating, advising, designing, teaching, coaching and writing.

When not working, I indulge in landscape design on my country property outside of Melbourne; create works of art with the technique of origami (ask to see them on my phone!); record the family history; and have been known to compose a poem or three - just like three generations of ancestors.