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  • Karel Malbroukou Moendzenahou

    Karel Malbroukou Moendzenahou - The (re)discovery of a lost skill

    Karel Malbroukou Moendzenahou
    Karel Malbroukou Moendzenahou
    schedule 1 year ago
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    45 Mins

    We've now all been accustomed to the agile and devops mindsets as they figure today.

    There's still some kind of barrier between roles in a team, and maybe even between peers.

    Through this session, we'll experience what would it look like to build human connections in our workplace to empower people and understand what drives them.

    You will discover how you can make a difference in your organisation and teams, and how you can start practicing this new skill without classroom training!

1. Who are you?

Being a tech engineer for the last 10+ years, going through systems and network administration to systems engineering, and passing through devops and frontend development, I've launched myself at being a Product Owner.

I believe that people working close together, and spending more time connecting with one another through listening, helping and being at the service of each others is the foundation of any successful business.