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  • Laurel Chidgey

    Laurel Chidgey - Winter is coming for PMOs - Long live the Adaptive Management Office

    30 Mins

    Is Winter coming for PMOs? Like Game of Thrones the PMO has long been a subject for debate and controversy.

    Game of Thrones was originally based on George R Martin’s books and the scripts, but then the TV series bypassed the timeline of the books and developed a life of its own, some think in a bad way!

    PMOs have followed a script. We are so used to having them that we haven’t questioned why they were established or challenged why mechanisms may have been put in place. In introducing Agile or agility we haven’t rethought what is the PMO there for or what are the new areas of focus for a PMO.

    How do we change the PMO script, how do we influence and change its destiny and rewrite the next chapter?

    If the PMO can’t learn to adapt it will die as agility takes over.

    If agility can’t learn how to embrace governance it will always be second class in the eyes of larger organisations (eg financial considerations).

    How do we use Agile and agility to start to transform the PMOs in our organisation?

    Come and learn about how you can disrupt your PMOs.

1. Who are you?

I'm a northern English person with a passion for healthy happy teams.