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  • Manthan Gogari

    Manthan Gogari - Start RADIATING not REFRIGERATING Information

    45 Mins

    You have embarked on the Agility journey at your workplace. You did the mandatory training, formed a squad and started sprinting. So far so good. Everyone in the team is excited and is talking the Agile Jargon of Sprints, Story Points, Product Backlog, Retrospective etc.. etc.. You wanted to achieve a lot as a team but constantly face the same challenges sprint after sprint. You are seeing the team getting a bit annoyed. Team members are not engaged in the ceremonies and you are not having fun.

    So it is too late to fix the issues as a Scrum Master not really this is exactly what is expected of the squad starting out fresh with little experience. Come join me in discovering some handy tips of how to become an efficient team and understand the value of information.

1. Who are you?

I am Agile Enthusiast who has experience working as an Agile Coach, successfully executed Agile Transformations and live by the Servant Leader mantra. 

I believe that creating an environment of learning and growth imparting a sense of Mission to teams, that leverage technology to create innovative solutions for the competitive advantage to the business . I started in the software industry 15 years ago as a Software Developer, and on the way to becoming a Development Manager have truly seen it all from ground up. No task is beyond or beneath me if it moves the ball forward, and this is a mentality which I'm always seeking to instill in organizations.

Major areas of focus:

1) Create and sustain high performing teams that self managed.
2) Ensure a learning culture is promoted within the team.
3) Never be afraid to fail and celebrate failures as vigorously as successes.
4) Use technology to find innovative solutions that provide business the required competitive advantage.