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  • Matthew Macknamara

    Matthew Macknamara - NAB Case Study – Test and Learn approach to Agile Adoption at Scale

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    Like all large organisations NAB has embarked on a transformation to evolve the ways of working. We all have a fairly good idea of what good looks like, but there are many roads to take in getting there.

    Maybe we can all learn something from design thinking and lean agile to tell us the best way to transform to an agile organisation?

    NAB has taken a grass routes, organic, bottom up approach to Agile transformation. There has not been any grand heralding of our intent, rather a quiet revolution borne out of a desire to change. Sure there have been roadmaps and strategies, but they are constantly evolving and the path has had many twists and turns. Did anyone say ‘pivot’?

    In this session we will explore the NAB agile journey, what obstacles were faced, how they were overcome and where to next. We look at scaling agile methodologies, capability development, enabling project managers to be change agents and how technology, business and delivery can work together to deliver a quiet revolution.

1. Who are you?

I am highly creative transformation executive currently leading NAB’s New Ways of Working program. Working across a wide variety of industries, I have 25 years of consulting experience in Australia and abroad.

Over the last five years I have transformed NAB’s enterprise delivery function from Waterfall to Agile Delivery, significantly improving delivery practices, governance, supporting tools and overall culture.

In the last 18 months I have led a program to embed these new ways of working into our broader delivery ecosystem, extending the benefits across Technology & Operations. By using lean agile concepts, this has increased NAB’s delivery velocity and greatly improved the flow of work between the business, delivery and technology.