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  • Kelsey van Haaster

    Kelsey van Haaster / Peter Lam - Agile and Management - a conversation

    45 Mins

    Agile was coined in 2001, building on techniques and methods from the prior 10 or more years. We know that (smaller) software projects are more successful with agile delivery methods than with staged approaches like the SDLC. So why is it that 18 years after a better was was identified that managers struggle to adopt agile in a meaningful way.

    This is a facilitated discussion - there are as many answers as there are people! So with the late afternoon timeslot - let's get together and have an interactive chat - with the intent that we all leave with some useful ideas, tools and techniques that we can apply when we get back to the office ...

1. Who are you?

I am a Melbourne based Agile Delivery person that has been lucky enough to work with some of Australia's largest agile and ways of working transformations.  Engagements have ranged from Agile Leadership Training through to delivery of interesting large 1000 person plus agile programs.

When I'm not doing that - I've had a blast getting to know the agile community by running some of the agile meet ups - mostly focusing on Agile Project Management & leading change.  I have also been working hard in the background to support the set up of some of the agile conferences in Australia.