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  • Priyanka Nomula

    Priyanka Nomula - A deep dive into Sprint Planning

    90 Mins

    Good planning helps teams perform. Poor planning helps create problems.

    This workshop session asks us to reflect on how well we manage our sprint plans. A case study project will be presented and participants will work together to prepare and work through a sprint plan. We will reflect on what we observe and learn together.

1. Who are you?

I am Priyanka Nomula, a seasoned business analyst with in-depth experience in software/application development,  technology platforms and product management, with over 12+ years in large organizations. My track
record includes rapidly translating business needs into reality using formal agile practices - from discovery to ideation to user story writing to grooming backlogs to sprint/release planning and go-to- market/commercial success.

I am here to discuss basics of sprint planning, challenges, pre and post planning activities, learn and reflect on our day to day practices.