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  • Raymond Dellar

    Raymond Dellar - Habitual Dependence and Gamification in Products

    45 Mins

    This presentation will come with the goal of teaching attendees;

    - How to look out for gamification and habitual depedance in the real world and digital products

    - How these features will try to use your own brain chemistry to their advantage

    - How to use these features in your own products and assit your customers into building good habits

    After walking away from this presentation the attendees should feel they have a much better understanding of habitual loops companies will put in their products to try and get you onboard, the ways in which they will try to manipulate you, and how you can use these powers for good.

1. Who are you?

Raymond is an experienced business professional working closely with delivery teams and business stakeholders to help drive the right solutions to existing problems. With also a background in the Games industry and hosting lectures around the country for various Universities, combining gamification and education together is a strong passion of his.

These days Rays skillsets are used as a Delivery Lead at DiUS Computing, working with the development teams to plan, estimate, and deliver the work. While also working in tandem with the business stakeholders to make sure we are building the right things and taking on any other roles necessary to help out his team.