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  • Richard Hodge

    Richard Hodge - Lean and Agile Systems of Leadership

    Richard Hodge
    Richard Hodge
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    60 Mins

    Richard engages the audience with insights on leadership through the lenses of lean and agile. He aims to create an understanding of how agile cultures thrive or fail with the *system* of leadership; and, help attendees understand, practically, what they can do about creating improvements.

1. Who are you?

I'm Dr. Richard Hodge - a grandfather who's learning to be an activist for change. I've had several careers as a scientist, diplomat, strategy consultant, general manager in a global corporate, systems thinking expert and now coach and mentor for clever people wishing to be commercially smart. 

I love millennials - my grandchildren most of all. They are entitled to have a health system that cares, a banking system that can be trusted to put people before profit, and an education system that isn't stuck teaching for standardised tests - the last thing the future needs is standardised people.  

I wish to advance ways of giving millennials the kind of systems thinking that usually only comes with age and experience. Building this core capability in the young is my remaining charter in life - as well as to love and share kindness with my family.