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  • Rick Giner

    Rick Giner - Increase your profits by a factor of four: the compelling business case for Inclusive Design

    30 Mins

    We've all heard that digital Accessibility is the right thing to do. We probably all know it's a legal requirement. But does it really make business sense to put in the effort to become compliant? In this presentation Rick will explore and challenge some of the common justifications for avoiding the requirement - and look at how we can in fact make a very compelling case for building products with Inclusive Design and Accessibility in mind.

1. Who are you?

Rick started his career as a software engineer in 2001 and has since honed the craft of building digital products with knowledge of front and backend programming, design and user experience. He now grows teams and leads projects to build software for startups from around the world.

Passionate about community, Rick runs several meetups in Melbourne and founded the BuzzConf Technology Festival - bringing emerging tech to families at a festival in the bush. Even when the tents get washed away in a storm it's lots of fun (and the robots are there to help clean up anyway!)

For the past several years Rick has been striving to improve diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and the products we create. Having delivered game-changing results for startups and public sector enterprise companies, he knows first-hand how these practices can improve a product's worth for any sized business and is keen to share his learnings with anyone who will listen!