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  • Daniel Prager

    Daniel Prager / Ross MacIntyre - The Facilitation Dojo

    90 Mins

    Skilled facilitators help groups to collaborate effectively, generate and explore ideas, make better decisions, innovate, challenge each other constructively, and more.

    In this workshop we explore three relational exercises that will help you to begin or continue to develop as a facilitator:

    1. Facilitator power and presence
    2. Listening as a super-power
    3. Exploring perspectives without getting triggered

    Practicing and refining these skills will help you not just in facilitation, but also in leadership and coaching.

1. Who are you?

Delivery lead and agile coach.  Originally from the UK, I have a development background stretching back to the mainframe. These days I more interested in helping companies realise the potential of their people by smoothing and refining the flow of work and building awesome teams