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  • Sarah Pan

    Sarah Pan - Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

    Sarah Pan
    Sarah Pan
    Principal Designer
    schedule 1 year ago
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    30 Mins

    You’re having a work conversation and suddenly the realisation begins to dawn on you. This co-worker really doesn’t see things the way you do! Your puzzlement gives way to frustration. Things begin to escalate, you’re both frowning and suddenly it's become too hot in this room.

    Conflict and competition can often be misconstrued as the cause of toxic working environments in organisations. As we find our feet encouraging diverse perspectives within cross-functional teams, we need to acknowledge conflict and competition exists. They become powerful forces that either make or break teams.

    Not just for managers or team leads, we'll look at practical tips on how you can set your team up for success. By creating the foundation of collaboration and a little practice, we can harness the power of conflict and competition for good (not evil).

1. Who are you?

Sarah is a User Experience Designer that's particularly interested in people (both customers and work colleagues in equal parts) and have found a happy space helping create software for the past 7 years. Currently a Principal UX Designer at Oracle's Construction & Engineering Global Business Unit.